Raccoons in the attic, garage, or strange noises in your chimney? Raccoons living under your home? Those scurrying sounds in the attic, crawlspace and noises in a chimney may well be a raccoon. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective raccoon removal and exclusion services.

Identify a Raccoon

Appearance & Habitat

Raccoons are known for their markings and curious, shrewd natures. They resemble the appearance of a classic burglar, with black circles around their eyes and across their cheeks. They have gray fur with hints of brown and a tail with alternating rings of black and white down the whole length. Raccoons are compared to canines and bears because of the snout, teeth, and body proportions.

The adaptable raccoon will live in a large variety of habitats, including deciduous and mixed forests, coastal marshes, and urban areas. They have a tendency to climb when feeling threatened, so open terrain is not ideal. Raccoons seek hidden shelter during the winter, to sleep, and to raise kits in tree hollows, rock crevices, and occasionally old vacant nests of other animals.

Raccoon Problems


Raccoons will wander onto residential and commercial properties if they suspect a food or water supply, or potential shelter to protect them from the outdoor elements. Raccoons are very strong animals that can get through many materials to get where they desire to be, enabling them to enter homes by tearing through roofing materials and more!


Due to their strength and determination, raccoon entry alone will cause extensive damages. Once inside, damages will accumulate quickly. Raccoons can tear through air ducts, pull insulation, and destroy electrical wiring. Without entering your home, raccoons can ruin yards, gardens, and other vegetation by foraging for food. As they snoop around your home or business, raccoons are known to search through garbage and dumpsters for food, creating a terrible mess.

Raccoon Control

Trapping and Removal

Residents and business owners alike face problems with raccoons. When they do, Critter Control of Oakland is there to help! We implement professional trapping and removal efforts that will quickly get rid of your raccoon problem in a humane way. We are knowledgeable on raccoon intelligence levels, habits, and diet preferences.

Repairs and Prevention

Critter Control of Oakland will resolve your raccoon problem from wildlife removal to prevention! We will fix wildlife damages and implement professional prevention techniques that will keep wildlife animals out of your home for seasons to come.


Critter Control of Oakland is your full-service wildlife control company. We can get rid of your problem animal, repair damages, and prevent future problems for good! Trust the professionals and get rid of your raccoon problem today!



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