Management Programs

Wildlife Management Programs

Critter Control of Oakland offers commercial grade wildlife management programs. Our professional services include wildlife removal, damage repairs, and proven prevention techniques. Critter Control of Oakland offers solutions that are humane and species specific, ensuring our methods work.. The first time!

Commercial Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal from businesses should be treated much differently than residential wildlife removal. Critter Control of Oakland will identify your problem animal and create a solution that is specific to your unique wildlife problem.

Rodent in your business will create a mess, a stink, and damages. Rodent invasions can give your business a bad reputation. Call Critter Control of Oakland if you are finding rodents in your commercial building.

Damage Repairs

Wildlife animals will create extensive damages to your business. Critter Control of Oakland will remove animal feces, restore attics, and more!

Rodents will chew electrical wires, pull insulation, and leave droppings around your business. Rodents are one of the biggest contributors to transmitting diseases. They are filthy critters and will contaminate counters, desks, and food containers. Call Critter Control of Oakland immediately when suspecting a rodent invasion.


Prevention is critical when implementing a wildlife management program. Damage repairs can sometimes double as prevention techniques. Depending on the wildlife animal, your prevention specialist may install additional materials, implement habitat modifications, or other exclusion work.

Rodents are smart animals and can memorize multiple routes around their nesting area. Critter Control of Oakland will identify each point of entry and make sure the rodents cannot reenter.

Critter Control of Oakland is a full-service wildlife control company. Your technician will get rid of your problem wildlife efficiently, quickly, and humanely. If you are suspecting a rodent infestation, bats in attics, or raccoons in your business, call us! Critter Control of Oakland can help with any sized commercial wildlife problem, big or small!