Bird Control

Bird Management

Birds are an important part of our natural environment. They feed on pesky critters including insects, rodents, and more! Game birds, songbirds, and other bird species contribute to outdoor recreation and our overall enjoyment of nature.

Bird Protection

Due to their important contributions, birds are protected by laws and regulations considerably. Critter Control of Oakland will create unique solutions and explain to customers why each bird control method is necessary.

Bird Control Methods

Common Bird Control Problems

Pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows create the most bird control problems. Along with being difficult to remove without professional help, they also create damages, messes, and a health hazard.

Bird Removal

Critter Control of Oakland will remove the birds from your business/property and implement prevention methods to keep them out. Removal will stop the damages from accumulating and prevention methods will keep the pesky birds from returning.

Damage Repairs

Some bird droppings will ruin building materials and cause erosion. This unsightly mess can be difficult to remove. Critter Control of Oakland can remove bird feces, repair holes in buildings, and more.

After Installing Bird Netting:

bird netting to keep birds from creating damage

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