07.15.15 - It's Raining Spiders! Weirdest Effects of California Drought
Brown lawns, fallow fields and higher water bills are all the predictable outcomes of the California drought. The Golden State is in the midst of its driest period on record. But all that warm, dry weather affects more than just lake levels
07.10.15 - Drought Could Increasingly Lead Wildlife into Populated Areas
At camp, things can go bump in the night. We all know that. But at your house, you don’t expect a bump in the day at your front gate. But that’s what happened last week when a bear strolled through yards and along streets in
05.15.15 - Berkeley Residents Forced to Drink Foul Water to Save Fish
 It is with great sadness that I have to report that ultraleft residents of Berkeley, California as well as riot inclined Oakland, California, are being served some very bitter water out of their taps. On the brighter side, some kind of
05.15.15 - Volunteers hope roadkill photos spark animal crossings
LOS ALTOS HILLS >> In the long shadows of early morning, Kathryn Harrold pulls her car onto the shoulder of Interstate-280. While her friends are in their breakfast nooks enjoying their first cups of coffee, she stops behind the lifeless body